Tucked into Split`s landmark luxury boutique hotel where Renaissance, pharmacy Baroque, view and Gothic architecture intertwine, Restaurant MAGNUS is a culinary tribute to Hotel Vestibul Palace`s heritage, merging local flavour with avant-garde flair.

To compliment the flavors of Split`s sun-kissed terroir, the wine list focuses on regional and national favourites of autochthonous varieties.

The restaurant is named after Magnus Severus who after the fall of Salona organized return of residents who fled to the islands and brought them back to the Palace post Emperor Diocletian. That was the beginning of a medieval Split…

Restaurant MAGNUS uses organic ingredients sourced from Dalmatia´s pristine islands and vast hinterland from where Split´s forefathers originated.



"This hotel is a celebration on history, culture art a sort of HERITAGE"
Gershon Guyit, Nigerian Ambassador to Hungary